Sol LeWitt: Walldrawing 815
Apr 18 - May 23, 2009

As part of the exhibition String and Thread Exile is very honored to present Wall Drawing 815 by artist Sol LeWitt. This particular Wall Drawing was originally created by LeWitt in 1997 and has not been executed since its original drawing:

WD 815: Thirty points connected to one another
Common 2” nails, cotton masonline
First drawn by: Anders Hagman, Barbara O’brien and Rose Olson
Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA, USA, March, 1997

For a long time, Kazuko Miyamoto and Sol LeWitt had their studio in the same building on Broadway in SoHo where they originally met in 1969. Since then they have shared a great personal friendship and artistic affinity.

In honor of LeWitt's recent passing, Miyamoto will reconstruct Walldrawing 815 as part of her exhibition at Exile. As she has collaborated with and worked for LeWitt for many past decades she is one of the artist's assistants most familiar with his work and method.

Wall Drawing 815 was chosen by Miyamoto as it is the only Wall Drawing by LeWitt that only consists of string and nails; materials that are particularly relevant to her artistic process.

Hence, the second rendering of Wall Drawing 815 is now on view at Exile as part of Miyamoto's exhibition until May 23, 2009:

WD 815: Thirty points connected to one another
Nails, cotton Masonline, 540 x 300 x 4cm
Second drawn by Kazuko and Eizan Miyamoto, Exile, April 2009

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Sol LeWitt
Wall Drawing 815
Nails, cotton Masonline, 540 x 300 x 4cm
Second drawn by Kazuko and Eizan Miyamoto, Exile 2009
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Sol LeWitt
Wall Drawing 815 (detail)
Nails, cotton Masonline
Drawn by Kazuko and Eizan Miyamoto
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String and Thread
Installation View
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Marquette for Open Cube Structure
(Scale model of last LeWitt Open Cube Structure built by Kazuko Miyamoto)
Wood, 25x16x19 cm, 2007
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Sol LeWitt
Grey Lines on Black
Woodblock Print by Watanabe Press, 89x52 cm, 1997
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